Dave Walker’s Driving School covers several driving test areas.

In order to assist people taking a practical test in one of theses areas, a number of videos will be published in the coming months.

The aim is to provide guidance for learner drivers and experienced drivers on how to deal with junctions/ roundabouts. Failure to negotiate these junctions and roundabouts in an accepted fashion are a common cause of test failure.

These videos give an opportunity to study your road positioning without the distraction of driving a car at the same time. The videos are not intended to provide definitive, this is how you should do it, advice as there may be several ways of dealing with a given junction. Test candidates should ask their instructor for further guidence – experienced drivers should be guided by their own observations of what other road users are doing.

Videos will be available for the following towns:

If there are other areas that you would like to see covered in the same way, please contact me via the Contact Us page or leave a comment below.