Taking your driving test soon? 🚗

We’ve updated the driving test report you’re emailed after your test. It’s full of useful information to see what areas you can improve on.

This can help with your next driving test or for driving on your own 💯


Slow and steady does it!

Reversing too quickly without effective observations is a recipe for a driving test fail❌

Keeping your car moving slowly will help control and accuracy✔️

Check the top 10 reasons for failure on http://gov.uk 👇

Positioning yourself correctly on the road will help lead to driving test success 🏆

Common reasons for failing the test include driving:
❌too close to the left hand kerb
❌too far towards the middle of the road
❌ getting too close to parked cars when steering out or passing

To help keep everyone safe during lessons and tests, we’d encourage instructors and their pupils in Scotland to take regular COVID-19 rapid lateral flow device tests 🙌

This is guidance - more information here 👇


M6 N/B junction 13-14. This people carrier is clearly too heavy to be transported on this “Iveco Daily” that has a max weight limit of 3500kg. This one weighed in at over 4 tonnes 😳 which would affect the handling and steering. Vehicle prohibited and driver reported. 4455YF.

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